Smith Horras, P.A. Attorneys At Law : Divorce

Unfortunately, the process of divorce is usually emotional, painful, and sometimes disorientating. You deserve the best as you work to put the pieces back together and move forward with your life. Smith Horras, P.A. helps clients considering divorce to prepare for their future and protect themselves. Once a divorce has been initiated, Smith Horras, P.A. can represent you in court, provide solid advice on various legal issues that may arise, and ultimately present your best case for the Court to consider. Smith Horras, P.A. will help you understand the process of divorce, assist with any custody challenges that may arise, and educate you about your rights. Smith Horras, P.A. will also work closely with you to help protect your children from becoming collateral damage from the many difficult situations that may arise in a divorce or modification of child custody and visitation arrangements.